Tuesday, November 24, 2009

almost famous

So as mentioned, I attended a Martha Stewart taping today with two of my friends. I took along a small succulent with moss and a lavender sprig to see how far I could get.

Surprisingly, no one seemed to mind the strange box I was hauling around and I breezed through every check point. As we were being seated, I asked one of the producers if it was possible to have it given to her as a present.

Although they don't usually do that, she said she'd see what they could do. I thought, "yeah right", until a few minutes later, she did in fact come take it from me. Wow! Who knows if it will ever really grace Martha's presence but it least it's in the building...someone may like it right?!

Anyway, Thomas Keller was there and everyone got a copy of his new book, ad hoc at home; which I'm already reading and salivating over.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Martha may I?

Tomorrow I'm going to a taping of
The Martha Stewart Show with some friends. A few weeks ago, she was at the Brooklyn Flea but I missed her. A wise woman suggested I bring her a small terrarium as a present. Not sure if they let you do that sort of thing but I'll certainly give it a try! Think she'll like this one?

hello there...

Hi everyone! Welcome to Small World Terrariums... or s/w/t ... or even "sweet" if you like. I've so enjoyed meeting you all over the past couple of weeks. You've really made me feel right at home at the Brooklyn Flea; too bad the season is over! That's okay, you can reach me right here via this blog. I haven't quite decided if I will be joining the gang at the indoor markets. In the meantime, you can place custom orders with me directly at:


And remember.. s/w/t is a great sustainable choice for weddings, events, and gifts!

Tanesha Smith-Wattley