Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Wedding Parties

Crate and Barrel hosts an event for all who register with them called The Wedding Parties. I met their event coordinator, Jared, at the Brooklyn Wedding Crashers show and he invited me to participate in 2 of their shows this month. I was extremely flattered and excited to be there! I made some great contacts and got free mimosas and cappuccino. Always about the snacks with me huh?

I went with yellow daisies b/c I really dug their pop graphic appeal. Everything around my table was a mix of greens, yellow, and pinks so it was perfect. Should you be engaged and registered at Crate & Barrel, I will be there on the 21st as well(Houston/Broadway location). Oh, and if you are curious, the glass pictured is actually from Crate & Barrel. I used the Tilt Bowl, the Olson Bowl, and the short Delfina Jar.